Q: Is there parking in the area?
Yes, there is safe legal parking on the street after 6:00 P.M. weekdays and on weekends.
If you'd  prefer, there are several parking garages in the area for the daytime hours.

Q: How do I find out which girls are available?
Emailing us is the fastest way to find out which girls are available.   You will be provided with detailed descriptions of the girls who would be best suited for your type of match. We have new girls coming in on a regular basis. Our descriptions are very accurate, and we take great care in ensuring that you have a terrific match.  We feature an array of beautiful women - from petite cuties to Amazon beauties, fitness model types to bodybuilders....and of course, the beautiful girl-next-door type.  

Q: Can I speak with the wrestler directly?
All contact is made through the agency. You will be able to speak with the wrestler before the start of your match. 

Q: Can I videotape my match?
Video taping your match is a great way  to create a life long souvenir of your experience!    Most of the girls allow videotaping, but of course, there is an additional charge.   We can provide someone to do the taping, or you can use a tripod.  Please email us for further details. 

Q: Are outcalls available?
Yes, outcalls are available with appropriate security measures and a somewhat higher fee.

Q: Will the person calling me be discreet?
We cherish discretion and ask that you do the same. We will only call at the hours you request and if need be, will announce ourselves with a title of your choice. Keep in mind, we only call back after 2 pm. 

Q: What do I wear?
You can wear a bathing suit, boxer shorts or something of that nature.

Q: What will the girl wear?
The girls have varying tastes in wrestling attire, but most wear a swimsuit (one-piece or bikini) or shorts with a sports top.   All  of the girls will accommodate special requests....if they have the outfit, or you provide it for them.   We get requests for the girls to wrestle in: Yoga pants, jean shorts, leotards, office wear and various costumes.     

Q: What are your hours?
We have a 24-hour voice mail, so that you may call anytime. We only return calls after 2:00 p.m. EST Matches can be arranged between the hours of 2 PM and 10 PM although other times are possible with advanced notice. Tempest is closed Fridays.

Q: Methods of payment?
At this time we accept cash only.

Q: Can you describe the facilities?
We are located in East Midtown, Manhattan.   We are convenient to all transportation points, especially the Queens-Midtown Tunnel and the Lincoln Tunnel.   We are within walking distance of Grand Central and Penn Station. Our facility is spacious and equipped with very large pro wrestling mats. Showers are available, and we are fully air-conditioned for the summer. Towels are also available, but you may bring your own if you wish.  If you are doing an outcall and need recommendations for a hotel in the area, just let us know.
There are many hotel options in this area and the girls love to recommend nearby restaurants and attractions.

Q: How much time do I need to arrange an appointment?
We hope that you will anticipate your match in advance, so 24 hours notice is preferable. This will also give you your choice of girl and time. We do accept same day appointments, but we urge you to plan ahead.

Q: What is the call-back procedure?
 We will call you back discreetly at the number you provide.  If  you are traveling in the New York area and are staying at a hotel, please make sure that  you leave your first and last name in your message. Most hotels will not put the call through without the last name.    
We prefer that the initial contact is made via email.